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24 Responses to “Tobuscus live in Toronto, Canada!”

  1. LuckyLegionN7 Says:

    and the worst hothothot goes to this woman at 6:55 haha

  2. TheGamingWaffle Says:

    I hate it when the audience can be so loud you barely hear Toby-_-

  3. Danielle Askin Says:

    I can not see this. You make me so jealous!

  4. Boško Karalić Says:

    Tumbs up if you want more then Toby Justin Bieber!

  5. xXwert4455Xx Says:

    When he said, “I love you jessica” it made me feel special event that is called meinezu. _. xP

  6. Isiahjeter Says:

    U were so close to him in so jealous

  7. Plastic Fantastic Says:

    I’m sorry that I was not to film this part! I have my battery charged. (

  8. chess SPARTAIN Says:

    dont get beat up by scott Pilgrem

  9. ImReallyTired100 Says:

    I was sad when I found ou he come to Toronto because I live far Vonder lower part of Canada. I hope he returns one day, because there is no possibility gibtIch want to miss another show. ROGERS. SPONSOR another show

  10. CrystalMoonLight003 Says:

    He’s so tiny!

  11. TheBigLittleA Says:

    does anyone know where I can find the Q & A section? I want to see it!

  12. Beth Tacy Says:

    I love Tobuscus SO much I started to cry, as he that son of a bitch A pair of sunglasses! Thank you for making this!

  13. Ale Castillo Says:

    Thums up

  14. Elephant Claw Says:

    It’s smaller than I thought

  15. TheRealNumba2 Says:

    Which guy shouted, “I love you Toby”

  16. haley perry Says:


  17. Juan Bellon Says:

    Omg I LOVE YOU SO MUCH TOBY! XD <3 You are awesome and stay that way! Youare adorable! Come to Miami, Florida, please! I'm the type of crazy person that would go somewhere in South Florida to see you! Lol 🙂 Stay Lovable and say hello to Gryphon!

  18. Plastic Fantastic Says:

    It was a great show, I wish not my battery died. Either way ichjeder wanted to be able to enjoy it in a continuous move, rather than all seinkleine clips that I saw again and again. ^ _ ^

  19. Ale Castillo Says:

    Thums up

  20. DesPurpleLightning Says:

    31:30 just great 🙂

  21. Colin Karp Says:

    I think Toby’s whearing eyeliner

  22. TheBigLittleA Says:

    haha, that’s ok! Thanks for this video, I enjoyed it 🙂

  23. Minecraft Madness Says:

    Toby has a nice butt O.o

  24. HPVAReaper Says:

    He went there to comedy to do and ended up doing a damn Q & A lol

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