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24 Responses to “Tobuscus live in Toronto, Canada!”

  1. LuckyLegionN7 Says:

    and the worst hothothot goes to this woman at 6:55 haha

  2. TheGamingWaffle Says:

    I despise it when the consultation can be so loud you barely hear Toby-_-

  3. Danielle Askin Says:

    I can not see this. You make me so jealous!

  4. Boško Karalić Says:

    Tumbs up if you want more then Toby Justin Bieber!

  5. xXwert4455Xx Says:

    When he said, “I like you jessica” it made me feel only one of its kind event that is called meinezu. _. xP

  6. Isiahjeter Says:

    U were so close to him in so jealous

  7. Plastic Fantastic Says:

    I’m sorry that I was not to film this part! I have my array exciting. (

  8. chess SPARTAIN Says:

    dont get beat up by scott Pilgrem

  9. ImReallyTired100 Says:

    I was sad when I found ou he come to Toronto since I live far Vonder lower part of Canada. I hope he income one day, since there is no likelihood gibtIch want to miss a additional show. ROGERS. SPONSOR a additional show

  10. CrystalMoonLight003 Says:

    He’s so tiny!

  11. TheBigLittleA Says:

    does anyone know where I can find the Q & A part? I want to see it!

  12. Beth Tacy Says:

    I like Tobuscus SO much I ongoing to weep, as he that son of a bitch A pair of sunglasses! Thank you for building this!

  13. Ale Castillo Says:

    Thums up

  14. Elephant Claw Says:

    It’s less vital than I plotting

  15. TheRealNumba2 Says:

    Which guy shouted, “I like you Toby”

  16. haley perry Says:


  17. Juan Bellon Says:

    Omg I LOVE YOU SO MUCH TOBY! XD <3 You are awe-inspiring and stay that way! Youare endearing! Come to Miami, Florida, delight! I'm the type of crazy self that would go everyplace in South Florida to see you! Lol 🙂 Stay Endearing and say hello to Gryphon!

  18. Plastic Fantastic Says:

    It was a fantastic show, I wish not my array died. Any way ichjeder sought after to be able to delight in it in a relentless go, very than all seinkleine clips that I saw again and again. ^ _ ^

  19. Ale Castillo Says:

    Thums up

  20. DesPurpleLightning Says:

    31:30 just fantastic 🙂

  21. Colin Karp Says:

    I reckon Toby’s whearing eye shadow

  22. TheBigLittleA Says:

    haha, that’s ok! Thankfulness for this video, I loved it 🙂

  23. Minecraft Madness Says:

    Toby has a nice butt O.o

  24. HPVAReaper Says:

    He went there to comedy to do and finished up doing a damn Q & A lol

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