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11 Responses to “Toronto Travel: Toronto Biking Tour -Entering University of Toronto campus”

  1. throughXvioletXeyes Says:

    The next best thing to privileged culture.

  2. caitlinbear Says:

    Dont listen to them! You can do it! >D

  3. GetsugaD7 Says:

    im on my 7th grade. You guys are incredible, and i look foward to come here
    one day.. Do you guys have any tips i can use?

  4. travelandtransitions Says:

    Thankfulness so much for this note. It’s everlastingly fantastic to hear that
    irregularly these modest video clips are in fact of help to a name. I
    took 2 degrees at U of T, it’s a fantastic academe. Excellent luck!

  5. raptibus Says:

    too terrible as a apprentice, u won’t be able to delight in the campus. maybe from the
    store dialogue box D:

  6. GoldenFlither Says:

    I’m a apprentice there. 🙂

  7. smiletrishalovesyou Says:

    im from the u.s.; U of T or McGill? i speak no french so montreal seems not
    so fun. I want to go to law teach so I need a excellent GPA, want to come
    up to canada but i know mcgill and u of t are notorious for grade
    reduction. what are the simplest majors?

  8. NinjaAssassin874 Says:

    @sugarglider21 You’re right about UC, even if we do have a King’s The upper classes
    Group that’s near the Hart House place. If you look on the Campus Map,
    its there 🙂

  9. caitlinbear Says:

    Oh…thats cool. Thankfulness. Pics werent just cuttin it. I’m thought of going
    to UofT when i adjust so it was a huge help. Most broadcast reckon im crazy
    for leave-compelling Florida to go to Canada tough…

  10. hackingtime88 Says:

    i heard u of t accepts alot of first year students, and then pick them all

  11. keswin3350 Says:

    i wanna study health check at U of T… watch me!! XD

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