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24 Responses to “Travel Guide – Top 5 Things to Check Out in Toronto”

  1. Chaimae Cyrus Says:

    Amaaaaaziing Torontoo!

  2. camper1159 Says:

    shes obviously not from toronto, when she speaks to the second “T” in Toronto. A true Torontonian really knows pronounced “Torone”!

  3. SparkleVoiceask Says:

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  4. shannonman8 Says:

    She talks like a retard!

  5. JerryKelevra Says:

    Cool guide! A really good basic introduction to Toronto! Thanks for sharing!

  6. velvetfog Says:

    Check out safely Scarborough. This is the ghetto, where the criminals (West Indians) and the unemployable South Asians (not qualified based on race) live. Heil Harper!

  7. Guilhermectbacwb Says:

    Hello, are really fantastic pictures, really enjoyed, and the sound, I know that one day all these places, congratulations. I also have a video that my city of Curitiba’s going to see, just watch this link in the address bar after youtube /? V = 3D_rcE1YtWA

  8. korabolex Says:

    biatch not read.

  9. 5butterfly69 Says:

    There are 360 ​​restaurants in the CN Tower? That’s what she said!

  10. frosty4700 Says:

    @ Prettykitty1984 If you move traffic, pollution, rudeness, shit transit service, extremely high car insurance and rent than to enjoy by all means Toronto.

  11. frosty4700 Says:

    Only idiots will take to Toronto reisen.Zum Havana Cuba, worth a visit and will cost you less than Toronto.-Hate Toronto, and the most selfish people who live here.

  12. rickc1945 Says:

    Although I think all your movies are very well done, the clip 5 things in Toronto is in an area not correct. Some of the footage footage of Casa Loma has also shots of Queens Park Small problem I agree it was not that I was there in both places otherwise great Frieden.Schober

  13. samwarp8 Says:

    @ Prettykitty1984 everyone is extremely nice and polite (as all of us are canadiens :)) and there are a ton of shops and stores in the interior as well as many amazing fun weekend areas such as Toronto, the center of the island and high park. distince and cultural fields such as Chinatown and Little Italy, Greek Town: D.

  14. cordelamieE Says:

    what’s with the porn music

  15. Volcom761 Says:

    No Hockey Hall of Fame?

  16. Toronto324 Says:

    Hey DUMB IDIOT that damn VIDEO IN 2007 IS Can not you read? IT was the tallest building until 2007 AFTER the Burj Dubai was not after its completion the tallest ANYMORE.

  17. FearOfTheFlesh Says:

    it is not a self-supporting structure so its height is irrelevant. Its like saying, I have the highest building in the world when I put it on everest. For the time when the CN Tower was made trully was an amazing performance, as was the first self-folding roof of the sky dome. To a city that is often in the top 10-20 cities in the world is a joke. It’s like saying North Dakota is better than New York or California … ya maybe for sheep.

  18. anykenworld Says:

    Could someone please make a note of the subtitle of this video. I’m so bad in English. I look forward very much appreciate.

  19. markd3570 Says:

    It is charming to see how proud Canadians are of their primary city. The largest JumboTron across the continent? Woooooo! Also, maple syrup and not piss on any parade, but the CN Tower is not recognized as a building. It is a tower, and it is the second tallest tower after the KVLY-TV mast in North Dakota.

  20. mohammadzafar Says:

    what happens Dundas Square? Eaton Center? And center of the island …

  21. LacedChucks Says:

    Club Guvernment

  22. ashmantoronto Says:

    J’adore Quebec City. One of my favorite Canadian StädtenIch love Toronto because I have to live long enough to appreciate it. Toronto is one of those cities that you dissect to their beauty, to love it. My first 5 years in Toronto, it was just blah! But my last 5 years I fell in love, because I came to it had met.

  23. ideagirlconsulting Says:

    I HAD I use google streetview could not remember ANY of the restaurant name (I lived there in 2001) Aris Grill (Roncenvalles) ate here at least 4 times a week when I lived there .. I know the owner (the cook) steak dinner with fries, gravy and vegetables, salad gate 403Pasta? I forget ate only once for a valentines day .. place.Skyline lovely restaurant (Queen St W) wicked spaghetti dinner with mushrooms

  24. froget86 Says:

    I used to love toronto! but so much more … in my opinion the most beautiful cities of Ottawa and Quebec City … Small, yes, but the security people, cleanliness, parks, rivers, etc

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