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14 Responses to “West Edmonton Mall, Apple Store Grand Opening – Vue Weekly”

  1. ultimateawseome Says:

    Lol, the self there r thousands of Apple Equipment Whys there is so much anticipation for this one: P

  2. drag0n2ooth230 Says:

    there from southern Alberta and get the new ipad, when I go. so excited!

  3. MyJesse1010 Says:

    Can not wait to vary my first 27 “iMac is

  4. MetelAdict Says:

    Are export my first mac, can not wait!

  5. Mgzkun Says:

    How does the wellbeing allowable him to stay there overnight? Ordinarily try to throw me out lol at 3-4 clock in the daylight

  6. Jack Routledge Says:

    they now have a

  7. jebusi Says:

    2.33, what a loser one microsoft t-shirt in lol to an Apple Store

  8. QUENTIN7979 Says:

    LOL 01:30

  9. patrickgreendog Says:

    What, where they hand out to broadcast?

  10. vroom1515 Says:

    ottawa got a like 3 weeks! im so pleased 🙂

  11. store275 Says:

    Now, as I take your life for hours and hours coming up in line at a mall. More power to you, I reckon.

  12. chadt4 Says:

    lmao the wellbeing guy was like wtf is going on here

  13. store275 Says:

    Those idiots in line for hours and hours need to get a life!

  14. gallya Says:

    trust me man, it was cool, the affair has a lot of stuff and if u see “shiny equipment” and most broadcast like shiny equipment lol

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