Winnipeg Travel

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  1. Oliver Townsend Says:

    well Il have to say in the morning Yes then bad, but I have to vid wait to get to my adapter, to a

  2. twinskate Says:

    I honestly couldn't, you are dependent on your camera lens diameter and filter thread. Look at the footage to decide whether you like it or not.

  3. twinskate Says:

    nah sorry, that thing's history

  4. producedproductions Says:

    you still have your fc-e9?

  5. twinskate Says:

    Naaah in good.. in the vx1k/modray now. The nikon was just a, uh, phase. Haha.

  6. Jake Duquette Says:

    Ahh…Lee and his fucking crooks

  7. Connor Copithorn Says:

    mod-up that nikon and get rid of the blurry vig. It is a guide on sp. Also film, use the wide.

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